ZeroStat Create Fundamentals

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Static-Conductive Water Based Epoxy ESD Concrete Finish

ZeroStat Crete incorporates state-of-the-art, static conductive properties into a high performance, two-component, water-based epoxy for use on concrete and other hard surfaces.

  • Economical, state of the art, permanent conductive formulation
  • Hard extended wear performance, never requires ESD Wax
  • Water based, easy application and cleanup
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely cost effective and NOT humidity dependant
  • Fast, low-cost installation, minimal prep requirements
  • Lowest installation odor in the industry

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ZeroStat Crete provides outstanding durability and abrasion resistance while eliminating electrostatic charges which can damage or destroy sensitive electronics components or equipment. ZeroStat Crete also displays superb resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and solvents commonly found in industrial and commercial environments, without the toxicity and disposal considerations associated with some solvent systems. When cured, ZeroStat Crete exhibits characteristics superior to solvent-based polyurethane and rivals those of solvent-based epoxy coatings. ZeroStat Crete produces superior results when used on all interior concrete, stone and ceramic surfaces.



Standard colorMedium Gray, Low Glare Finish
Solids37% +/- 1%
Static Decay.02 seconds
pH6.0 – 7.0
Weight per Gallon9.5 – 9.6 pounds
Hardness30 (Sward)
Static Conductive104-106 ohms
ViscosityH – J (Gardner)
SolventsWater – Glycol
Flash Point142° F
Dry TimeTouch; 7 hours, Moderate traffic; 12 hours, Full cure 7 days
Coverage250 – 600 ft2 per gallon

Application & Maintenance

Overview: New concrete floors should be allowed to cure for thirty days. Applications to floors colder than 60° F is not recommended. Sweep and mop contaminated floors with Brut, Grease Strip of Citru-Gest to remove oil, grease, and soil. With contaminated or exceedingly smooth troweled floors followed by etching with Ground Zero Prepare, then thoroughly rinse with water. If the floor has been previously coated, a small area should be cleaned and roughed up by a screen disking with an 80 grit screen. Test ZeroStat Crete for adhesion, lifting etc. Any area’s of the existing coating which displays poor adhesion should be stripped. Wash the stripped area’s, acid etches, and rinse thoroughly. Allow the floor to dry. Catalyzed ZeroStat Crete should be used within six hours of mixing, therefore prepare only the quantity necessary for immediate use. Add the pre-measured catalyst to the epoxy base. Stir gently until the catalyst has been thoroughly mixed in. Allow catalyzed mixture to stand 5 minutes. Apply catalyzed ZeroStat Crete with a short nap roller in thin uniform coats. The initial coat will cover approximately 250 to 500 ft2 per gallon. Second coat coverage is approximately 400 to 600 ft 2 per gallon. Note: This product is not recommended for applications that experience reoccurring standing water.

ZeroStat Crete is a thin set epoxy (approximately 3 to 7 mil thickness), much tougher and longer lasting that ESD paints. Due to it’s reduced solids count and thin set benefits ZeroStat Crete may exhibit slight variances in texture and color. These variances do not affect the excellent electrical performance or wear characteristics. ZeroStat Crete is only available in Gray and features a non-glare finish. For extended color options and fill applications (up to 125 mil thickness) please give us a call.

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