ZeroStat Diamond Seal XL

Starting at: $17.50

Anti Static, Metal Free, Aqueous Coating for ESD Surfaces

  • Static dissipating, metal free, aqueous coating epoxy surfaces
  • Detergent, salt, and slip resistant
  • Easily applied, excellent wear properties, high gloss

ZeroStat Diamond Seal XL is specifically formulated for application on surfaces where an ESD sealer and gloss is desired, such as porous tile, dissipative epoxy, or other hard surfaces. Its unique static dissipating ingredient is actively linked to the chemical structure of the polymer system, preventing washout or leaching of the static dissipating properties. Diamond Seal XL will protect from static buildup while providing an attractive.



Nonvolatile Solids 22 ± 0.6%
Total Active 25%
Resistivity-ASTM D257 10 8 Ohms2 Max/Cm2 @ 40% Relative Humidity
Static Dissipation 0.02 Seconds
pH 8.2 – 9.0
Gloss 60° 80+ @ 3 Coats
Color Blue Green
Weight per Gallon 8.4 – 8.6
Slip Resistance (ASTM) 0.52 minimum
Stability 1 year minimum at room temperature
Freeze/Thaw Stability 3 cycles minimum
Drying Time 1 – 2 hours
Water Resistance Good
Gallon Coverage (Feet2) 1500 – 2000 ft2
Removability (Gardner) 75 cycles maximum

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