ZeroStat LockDown

$25.95 Gallon

Adhesion Enhancer for ZeroStat Crete

  • Provides positive adhesion for ZeroStat Crete
  • Urethane Modified
  • Formulated with new technology polymers

Lock Down is a hard surface sealer and adhesion enhancer. When used on very smooth or already coated concrete and other hard surfaces, Lock Down increases the adhesion characteristics of ZeroStat Crete. Lock Down is effective in eliminating curling and chemical attacks of latex and other water-based paints by the water-based solvents used to solubilize the epoxy resin in ZeroStat Crete. Lock Down also aids in adhesion and rapid build of ZeroStat Crete when recoating or repairing worn areas.


Nonvolatile Solids22 ± 0.6%
Total Active28%
pH8.2 – 9.0
ColorTranslucent white
Weight per Gallon8.42
Slip Resistance (ASTM)0.55 minimum
Stability2 years minimum at room temperature
Freeze/Thaw Stability3 cycles minimum
Drying Time30 -45 minutes
AdhesionVery Good
Water ResistanceExcellent
Gallon Coverage (Feet2)2000 ± 10%
Removability (Gardner)75 cycles maximum

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