PolyStat Premium ESD Vinyl Sheet

Starting at: $3.90 Square Feet

PolyStat Vinyl ESD Tile - Ideal for medical facilities, clean rooms, laboratories, and surgery rooms.
PolyStat Vinyl ESD Tile – Ideal for medical facilities, clean rooms, laboratories, and surgery rooms.

Durable, Superior ESD Performance

PolyStat ESD vinyl floor coverings by StaticLogic, LLC, feature incredibly consistent ESD performance matched with excellent wear characteristics and color selections.


  • Available in either static-dissipative OR conductive engineering
  • Multiple color and style options that don’t sacrifice creativity for safety
  • Meets or exceeds EOS/ESD S7.1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards
  • Can be welded and made watertight, hygienic, and seamless
  • Roll or tile
  • Low maintenance
  • High shine or log glare finish
  • Outstanding longevity
  • Low (to no) maintenance
  • High shine or low glare finish
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Superior ESD performance and strenuously tested

Manufactured using an exclusive calendering process, this truly homogenous vinyl contains an extremely advanced conductive matrix. Other conductive ESD vinyls often exhibit problems with carbon sloughing. Not so with PolyStat. Manufactured to specifications so stringent it’s ideal for clean rooms, electronic manufacturing, and “long haul” ESD sensitive environments.

Static dissipative or conductive series available

PolyStat Fundamentals, Premier, and Elite ESD vinyl flooring is engineered for optimum static control and have been engineered to meet the latest and most stringent industry standards for ESD protection, such as EOS/ESD S7.1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

PolyStat’s Fundamentals and Premier static dissipative properties are ideal for use in hospitals, medical operating theaters, PET Scan rooms, X-ray rooms, MRI rooms clean rooms, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

PolyStat Elite series is available in both conductive and dissipative Recommended for healthcare facilities where gases and/or electronics equipment are used during medical procedures. PolyStat Elite contains added protection of Bioguard, a safe and highly effective bacteriostat, which inhibits the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.

Recommended applications includes: Electronics Manufacturing, Assembly and Test, Wafer Fabrication, Laboratories, Clean Rooms and Defense establishments.

Easy to maintain and durable

It’s flexible, yet very durable and abrasion resistant. PolyStat won’t flake, break or degrade even in the harshest of environments. PolyStats’ low glare finish can be easily burnished to a high, lustrous shine and never requires conductive waxes or finishes. PolyStat is truly a low (to NO) maintenance flooring requiring no polish, coating, or wax ever. Simply remove abrasives by sweeping and damp mopping.

Multiple styles and colors

PolyStat ESD vinyl flooring is produced in multiple colors and in static dissipative and conductive formulations. The static dissipative variety provides high resistance levels and provides added safety for high voltage environments. The conductive variety is perfect for fast, efficient electrostatic charge decay.


Combined with the latest in water cutting technology unlimited custom design possibilities are available including ESD area warning flags, line identification numbers, logotype identity systems, mosaics, production flow diagrams.





Gauge:0.080 in. (2.0 mm)
Sheet Width: 6.561 ft. (2m)
Sheet Length:65.616 ft. (20m)
Roll Size:6ft 6in x 65ft =47 sq yds 
(2m x 20m=40 m2)
Weight: 6.45lbs/sq yd (3.50 kg/m2)
Tile Size:23.9 x 23.9in.
(608 mm x 608 mm)
BS; 476 Part 7, 1987:Class 2
Din 4102:B1
ASTM E648:Class 1
AS 1530.3:Flame Spread 0
PolyStat Static ConductivePTP: 5.1 x 104 to 2.5 x 106 @ 10 Volts
RTG: 5.1 x 104 to 2.5 x 106 @ 10 Volts
 PolyStat Static Dissipative:PTP: 1.1 x 107 to 5.5 x 109 @ 100 Volts*
RTG: 1.1 x 106 to 8.5 x 108 @ 100 Volts*
Abrasion Resistance: EN 649: 1996, Group P
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE:PolyStat has good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis. Chemical resistance charts by shade are available on request
INSTALLATION ADHESIVES:GZ-C2000 or URAS conductive releasable adhesive only.
LIGHT FASTNESS:>7 In Use Area Classification per EN 685: 34/43

Testing & Maintenance

Facility Testing

As is the case with many of the modern ESD Vinyls, PolyStat is designed to work as a system in conjunction with GZ-C2000 or URAS conductive adhesive. When testing uninstalled, static dissipative material (without the adhesive) PolyStat SD will show a slightly higher resistance value than those posted in our electrical specifications (prevalent only with the static dissipative materials). PolyStat static dissipative is designed with a built in resistance value that provides added safety to employees that may come into contact with higher voltage / amperage power sources. This added resistance has shown minimal effect in it’s ability to drain ESD potential.

Information below shows our actual “real life” test results after installation at two Facilities (both approximately 70,000 sq/ft each) in separate parts of the Country (one in Mexico, one in California). Testing was performed in accordance with industry accepted standards of EOS ESD 7.1. These floors were installed “on grade” and on cement. Further, the floors were grounded utilizing the advanced parameters shown in How to Ground your new ESD Floor. Your results may vary due to substrate, substrate conditions and environmental conditions prevalent at the testing location.

Extended Electrical Testing by StaticLogic:


Maintenance is dependant on the nature and intensity of traffic and the specific requirements of the end user. To keep cost low, without compromising standards of hygiene and cleanliness, Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc recommends that a maintenance regime be specifically tailored to your needs. Polishes or floor finishes that inhibit the floors electrical performance must not be used. Remove abrasives by sweeping on a regular basis. Damp mop with warm water and approved Ground Zero Electrostatics, Inc ESD Cleaning solution as needed. A clean floor insures consistent electrical performance. PolyStat ESD Vinyl is initially supplied with a non-glare finish. If your needs require a high shine, simply burnish the material with a high speed floor buffing machine


DuroStat SMT ESD control vinyl tile and GZ C-2000 conductive adhesive are components of a precision engineered system of advanced static control flooring. Available in SC (static-conductive) and SD (static-dissipative) our tiles contain proprietary encapsulated conductive elements distributed evenly throughout the tile to provide exceptional, electrically consistent, through-tile-to-ground charge decay. Unlike other ESD Tiles these encapsulated conductive elements retain their conductivity for life while providing the electrical assurance you can count on in the most demanding of environments.

Homogenous Vinyl Tile cross-section, note conductive elements throughout thickness.

The performance of this solid vinyl tile is not dependent on wear layers, subsurface layers, internal antistats, or humidity and features a lifetime warranty on electrical conductivity!

Technical Documents