URAS Releasable Adhesive System

Starting at: $80.00

With GZ-RAS conductive releasable adhesive system new carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl sheet, vinyl tiles, floor runners and bench matting can be laid directly onto existing glue-down carpet, vinyl, structurally sound VAT, epoxy, asbestos, PVC, linoleum, stone, steel, concrete, particle board or wooden surfaces without removal of existing flooring. Furthermore, the existing flooring serves as an underlay, effectively deadens noise, and provides anti-fatigue properties.

With conventional methods of installation using a liquid adhesive, the existing flooring cannot be used as an underlay, and must be removed with a process that can involve stripping, scraping, filling, priming and neutralizing of any existing adhesive before the sub-floor is ready to take the new surface. This preliminary work necessarily entails noise, dust and odors and means that the premises must be temporarily closed down. With GZ-RAS only the immediate work areas need to be decommissioned and normal activity can carry on without disturbance in adjacent areas.

With GZ-RAS, no stripping, scraping, filling, or application of liquid adhesives are necessary, resulting in substantial reduction of downtime and labor costs. Furthermore, the new flooring is easily removed, relocated or repaired. GZ-RAS allows end user tax advantages and leased facility flexibility as new materials are removable personal property. Perfect for raised access floors, access is guaranteed at any time.


Physical Properties

AdhesiveThe dispersion adhesive contains no solvent, chloride or formaldehyde additives.
DurabilityThe dispersion adhesive does not crack with age but retains its elasticity.
SubstanceConductive tissue free of artificial colors and unbleached.
FormRolls: 39″ x 82′ 6″ (268.125 sq. ft.),
19.5″ x 16′ 6″ (27 sq. ft.),
8″ x 82′ 6″ (55 sq. ft.)
Resistance< 104 Ohm.
ThicknessApproximately 0.2mm (8 mill).
Weight including packaging:Approximately 27.5 lbs./roll.