ZeroStat Buff XL

Starting at: $8.95

Static Control Enhancer / Restorer Spray Buff

  • Extends the static dissipation of Zerostat Coat
  • Restores gloss and appearance of Zerostat Coat
  • Extends time between recoating

This innovative spray buff is formulated as a companion product for ZeroStat XL Coat. It is an integral component of a conductive maintenance program. ZeroStat Buff XL is designed to extend the static dissipating qualities of ZeroStat XL Coat as well as restore the gloss and enhance the appearance of conductive flooring surfaces. Its inherent, static-dissipating properties make ZeroStat Buff ideal for application in computer rooms, electronic assembly areas, telephone sub-stations and any other area where positive elimination of static electricity is a prime consideration.



Nonvolatile Solids 10 + 0.5%
Total Active 14%
Resistivity-ASTM D257 108 Ohms2Max./Cm2@
40% RelativeHumidity
pH 8.0-8.8
Gloss 60° -Buffed 85
Color Blue Green
Weight Per Gallon 8.4-8.6
Slip Resistance (ASTM) 0.52 minimum
Stability 1 year minimum at room temperature
Freeze/Thaw Stablity 3 cycles
Drying Time 30 minutes
Water Resistance Good
Gallon Coverage (Feet2) 2000-3500ft°
Removability(Gardner) 75 cycles maximum

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