ZeroStat Mat

Starting at: $6.95

Anti Static Mat Cleaner

  • Specifically formulated for cleaning & maintaining Anti-Static mats
  • Maintains Anti-Static protection
  • Cleans and enhances appearance

ZeroStat Mat is formulated to help maintain the static dissipative properties of rubber or vinyl matting. ZeroStat Mat leaves no residue, therefore, enhancing the appearance of the Matting.

Regular cleaner and detergent compounds destroy the static-dissipating properties of highly specialized conductive mats, rendering static control maintenance programs ineffective. ZeroStat Mat removes dirt and soil while maintaining or increasing the conductivity. This product is equally effective on all types of ESD control matting. Environmentally safe, it is noncorrosive, nonflammable, and biodegradable.



Active IngredientsAnti-static and quaternary compounds
Electrostatic Decay Time0.1 Seconds
Free AmmoniaNone
Free AlkaliNone
Free AcidNone
ColorLight Green
OdorMild Detergent
Solubility in Water100%
Freeze/That StabilityMinimum 3 Cycles
Shelf Life1 year minimum at room temperature
Flash PointNone
Weight per Gallon8.3
Soil SuspensionGood

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