ZeroStat Floor Termination & Grounding Kit

$372.45 each

The ZeroStat floor termination and grounding kit are for use with most ESD Carpet, Vinyl, Rubber and Epoxy Floor coverings and coatings.  This kit will ground 10,000 square feet of ESD Carpet, Vinyl, Rubber and Epoxy Flooring for installations in sensitive ESD environments and technical workspaces.

The kit contains the following:

  • (1) Roll of 1” wide x 108 linear feet Copper Grounding Tape
  • (10) Heavy gauge Stainless Steel Ground Termination Plates w/double sided conductive, self-adhering tape. Note: Each ground plate has a 20” long lead wire with a #10 terminal ring at the end.
  • (20) Cable Clips (2 clips per cable)