Vinyl Wall Base

StaticLogic’s vinyl molded wall base (TV) has a superior finish and is flexible, helping conceal floor and wall irregularities. Our vinyl base has quality built in, with a superior color finish. But because it’s made from vinyl, it’s less expensive than rubber. When your job calls for an economical baseconomicZero’s Vinyl Wall Base is a good choice.Type

  • TV vinyl wall base is available in two gauges: 1/8″ or 0.080″.
  • Quality vinyl offers an extremely economical wall base option.
  • Select colors can contribute to the LEED Green Building Certification System.



Wall BaseVinyl
Gauge1/8″ or 0.080″
Wall Heights2-1/2″, 4″ & 6″
Lengths48″ lengths & 120’ rolls
Linear ft. per carton120’ (roll or lengths)
Corners per carton30 (cove only)
Weight Per Carton1/8″0.080″
2-1/2″ cove3020
2-1/2″ straight2622
4″ cove4032
4″ straight4332
6″ cove6950
6″ straight6952


Vinyl Wall Base Accents

Vinyl Wall Base Shades

Vinyl Wall Base Tones