ZEROSTAT ESD Static Vinyl Tile

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Features & Benefits

  • Permanent and consistent conductive or dissipative properties.
  • High tolerance to concrete moisture emissions with recommended adhesives.
  • Resilient compacted non-porous surface, will not break, delaminate or degrade.
  • Clean room compliant and DOP free, with no carbon sloughing or harmful out gassing.
  • Versatile Installation capabilities, releasable or permanent conductive adhesives.
  • The most extensive color range in the ESD Industry.
  • Dimensionally stable with fully weldable seams.
  • Superior wear and stain resistance.
  • Easy, wax free maintenance.

Permanent Static Conductive & Static Dissipative Vinyl Tile

Zerostat High Performance ESD vinyl floor tile delivers permanent conductive/ dissipative properties through a specially developed binder system for consistent performance year in and year out. This extremely hard working, stain resistant, fully flexible vinyl provides years of (wax free), low maintenance service. Zerostat High Performance ESD floor tile offers the most thorough and consistent charge decay ratings available, a static load limit exceeding 1500 pounds per square inch, and the most aggressive pricing in the industry.

Simply stated Zerostat is the choice for controlling Electrostatics in printed circuit production, computer control rooms, process control, survey rooms, switchboard assembly, lithography and printing industry, health care/ special areas, testing of electronic devices, raised floors, heavy duty industrial warehouse areas, micromechanics, electronic manufacturing, and almost all clean room environments or anywhere sensitive electronics are utilized.

Offered in 26 colors Zerostat ESD High Performance floor tile creates expressive design opportunities to make your workplace functional, comfortable, and attractive. Available in conductive (series NS 2500) or dissipative (series LS 1500) both may be used with either permanent or releasable adhesive systems.

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Additional information

Weight56 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 12 in
Select Conductive/Dissipative

Static Conductive, Static Dissipative


LS-0201, LS-0205, LS-0207, LS-0213, LS-0222, LS-0223, NS-0201, NS-0204, NS-0211, NS-0223

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