FlexStat Conductive Anti-Fatigue Matting – Single Mat

Starting at: $17.08

Features & Benefits:

  • FlexStat Anti-fatigue mats blend of resilient sponge base with a unique molded domed surface provide the simplest and most effective way to reduce standing worker fatigue and dissipate static electricity before it can be a problem
  • The sponge base encourages the subtle movement of leg and calf muscles which in turn promote blood flow back to the heart.
  • The domed surface of the mat provides a simple manipulation of areas of the feet. This, in turn, relieves tension and breaks up patterns or stress in other parts of the body to an amazing extent
  • Resistivity: Less than 106 OHMS, test method ESD-5.7.1 1994
  • Available in two styles:
    • Heavy Duty is 5/8″ thick and the
    • Super Duty is a full 1″ thick.
    • Both are available in individual mats or full roll lengths of 24″, 36″ and 48″ widths.
  • All edges are beveled and sealed for safety and durability.
  • Patent pending.

Thickness Options

FlexStat Conductive Anti-Fatigue Matting comes in two thicknesses:

1. Heavy Duty – 5/8″
2. Super Duty – 1″