Portable Field Service Kit

Starting at: $52.00

A portable static safe work area is essential when Field Service Technicians are required to perform in-field repair or installation of circuit boards. Ground Zero’s field service kit provides a compact, static safe workstation for Telecommunications, Computer, and Industrial Controls Field Service personnel. The entire kit folds to a size that fits easily into most tool cases. Custom mat printing available.


  • Three layer, 24″ x 24″ mat with two 8″ x 12″ pockets
  • 15 ft. common ground cord system and ground clip
  • Wrist strap with 6 ft. coil cord
  • Mat colors: red or blue
  • Instructions.


Mat: 3 layer, vinyl, red, 107-8
Common Ground Cord: 15 ft, 1 meg resistor, bulldog clip
Coiled Cord: 6 ft, 1 meg resistor, UL listed
Wrist Band: Fabric, Adjustable, UL listed


  • Always place electronic parts on the grounded mat. (not on equipment, carpet, or packaging)
  • Keep all spares (even damaged parts) in static shield bags.
    Keep static accumulators like plastic, Styrofoam cups, and synthetic clothing away form electronic parts.
  • When finished with the field service kit, place the strap and cords into a pocket and fold the kit around the pocket.