Clear Anti Static Tape with ESD Symbols

Starting at: $6.25 each

This clear Anti Static Tape with PRINTED ESD SYMBOLS, is ideal for general packaging applications at the static free work areas. The tape has the wording “Anti Static Tape” and both the Reaching Hand & the Three-Arrow symbols printed in black color. This product is designed to meet the static decay rate of MIL-B-81705C, and is available in 72 Yards (66 Meters) long & on 3″ Paper or Plastic Cores.

  • Widths Available:  1/2″, 1″, 2″
  • 3″ Core
  • 72 yards/roll


Adhesion to Steel40 oz./inch
Tensile Strength25 lb./inch
BackingCellulose film
AdhesiveRubber-Based, Non-Staining
Thickness2.4 mils
Application Temperature50-130° F (10-55° C)
Surface Resistivity9.8X10E9 Ohms/Square
Decay Time0.12 Seconds