Conductive Shielding Grid Tape

Starting at: $2.50 each

The tape’s conductive shielding is ideal for use in static-free workstations where ESDS (Electro Static Discharge Sensitive) components and devices are handled. This tape has anti-static inner and outer surfaces, with no shed, flake, crack, chip or rub off of the inner layer grids, a combination of which provides excellent properties for the most effective static prevention and shielding applications.

TP-12237Shielding Grid118 Ft.1/2″
TP-12238Shielding Grid118 Ft.3/4″
TP-12239Shielding Grid118 Ft.1″
TP-12240Shielding Grid118 Ft.2″



Tensile Strength
  -MD5.00 Kg/15mm (Minimum)
  -CD10.00 Kg/15mm (Minimum)
  -Anti Static Adhesive Copolymer Layer1X10E9
  -Conductive Grid Layer10E4-To-10E5
 – Anti Static Copolymer Layer8X10E12
Charge Decay Time (FTMS 4046, 101c)0.01 Seconds
Thickness (Total)49 Microns
  -Carrier28 Microns
  -Adhesive21 Microns
Peel Adhesion0.45 Kg/15 mm (Minimum)
Temperature Resistance60° C/140° F (Maximum)
Base MaterialOPP
AdhesiveSolvent Acrylic Base
Core Size3″