ESD Heavy Duty Aisle Marking Tape

Starting at: $31.60 each


  • Easy to see color
  • Warns employees and visitors of ESD area
  • High adhesion to concrete paint, epoxy, or tiles

A 4mm flexible, calendered, PVC vinyl film coating with a permanent acrylic adhesive and laminated with a 1mm transparent biaxially orientated polypropylene film tape.

The yellow vinyl is printed with an “ESD Safeguard Workarea” stock print. This extended life vinyl film is suitable for an application requiring durability in interior or exterior environments such as flat surface floor marking, automotive pinstriping, curved surface labels and decals on helmets and exterior machinery markings.


TP-WRN-2ESD Warning Tape36 Yards.2″ Width
TP-WRN-3ESD Warning Tape36 Yards.3″ Width


Backing Thickness/Vinyl4 MIL W/ADHESIVE
Backing Thickness / Film1.8MIL W/ADHESIVE
Water StabilityEXCELLENT
Water StabilityEXCELLENT
Temperature40°F to 176°F
Temperature Application50oF (MIN. APPLICATION TEMP.)