Mobile Hazmat Static Ground Kit

$2,254.34 Per Unit

Chemical spills and tanker rollovers involving flammable or combustible materials may cause problems for responding hazmat teams, particularly if electrostatic charges can build-up. Unless proper grounding and bonding procedures and equipment are implemented, a static spark can cause fires, explosions and personnel injury.

The Mobile Hazmat Ground Kit enables the responding hazmat team to have a portable, self-contained and easy to setup, static grounding and bonding kit containing the necessary components to help dissipate the electrostatic charges to “ground”.

The kit, model GND-MHK-2005, includes:

  • Modular ground rods
  • Tool for driving and removal of ground rods
  • Two (2) 25-ft, spiral ground cables and clamp assemblies.
  • Rugged carrying case.
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Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions48 × 6 × 6 in
Workstation & Clean RoomGround ClampsMobile Hazmat Static Ground Kit