Retract-A-Clamp (RAC) Grounding and Bonding Assemblies


Properly storing grounding clamps and cables adds effective life to the grounding or bonding systems by keeping the clamps and cables away from general traffic flow and out of chemical spills. In addition, the self-storing design provides a safety feature by eliminating the possibility of tripping over loose or tangled cables. We offer two styles of self-storing assemblies.

The Retract-A-Clamp (RAC) coiled static grounding and bonding assemblies provide a cost-effective and easy to use the system. These assemblies incorporate a corrosion resistant, orange vinyl-coated coiled cable, and either our GND-REB-2960 clamp or another of our series of clamps. The RAC assemblies with GND-REB2960 clamp use 1/8″ cable in 5′, 10′ and 20′ lengths. The RAC assemblies with either the GND-GAT-P or GND-G40-PC clamps use 3/16″ cable in lengths of 20′ and 25′.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in
Choose Assembly:

5' CABLE + GND-REB clamp, 10' cable – GND-REB clamp, 20' cable + GND-REB clamp, 20' cable + GND-GAT-P clamp, 10' cable +2 GND-REB clamps, 10' cable +GND- REB clamp + pipe clamp, 10' cable + GND-REB clamp + GND-EP-1 clamp, 20' CABLE + GND-G40-PC clamp

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