Retractable Static Grounding Reels

$400.00$660.00 each

Retractable Static Grounding Reels have long been used as a proper method of storing cables. The enclosed housing prevents the cable from being exposed to corrosive and harsh elements. The self-storing design also prevents personnel from tripping over a loose cable. The reels have a self-retracting drum and instant lock mechanism to prevent the cable from becoming tangled. Standard designs come with 3/32″ dia. galvanized cable in lengths of 20′ and 50′. Other lengths and coated cables are available upon request.

GND-R-20 ReelCable reel w/20′ cable and GND-REB clamp
GND-R-50 ReelCable reel w/50′ cable and GND-REB clamp
GND-G-50 ReelCable reel w/50′ cable and GND-GAT-P clamp
GND-200-20RCable reel w/20′ cable w/ alligator clip
GND-700-50RCable reel w/50′ cable w/ alligator clip

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in
Clamp Type:

Cable reel w/20' cable and GND-REB clamp, Cable reel w/50' cable and GND-REB clamp, Cable reel w/50' cable and GND-GAT-P clamp, Cable reel w/20' cable w/ alligator clip, Cable reel w/50' cable w/ alligator clip

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