Two-Point Wrist Strap/Table Mat Common Point Grounding Cord

$18.95 each

CPGE-1047-B Series is a heavy duty 15′ long low-profile wrist strap/table mat Common Point Grounding (CPG) cord with two banana plug receptacles. This product can be snapped on the mat or can be mounted beneath the workbench. It has a 1 meg resistor built-in.


Core InsulationPVC plastic
Jacket Insulation90 Shore A Polyurethane
Conductor18 AWG tinned copper wire
Cable O.D.3.0mm ± 0.1mm
Cable Length15 ft
End Termination2 X Banana Jacks-to-male banana plug
MatThrough a 3/8″ (10mm) Female Stud
WorkbenchThrough 2 screws (Not Included).