PWS-610M Fabric Band Wrist Strap

$37.00 each

In conjunction with the best product designers in the ESD industry, PROSTAT has created new refinements in wrist strap technology. PROSTAT wrist straps are specially designed for durability, lightweight, portability and comfort.

This unique personnel and instrument grounding products are intended for use in demanding, high-performance applications where reliability is the priority.

Compared to traditional wrist straps with fabric cuffs and 10 ft cords, the PWS-610 weighs 60 percent less (under 1 ounce) and uses 1/3 the working or storage space of a standard assembly. The PWS-600 series is so compact that it can be easily carried or stored in a pocket, mini audit kit, or small cabinet spaces.

Its knit, two-way stretch fabric cuff is extremely comfortable and fully adjustable.

Wrist Strap Contents

  • PWS-620B Fabric cuff with Adjustable Buckle and 100mm snap cover
  • PWS-610PGC Personal Ground Cord Lightweight-Heavy Duty with installed 1 meg Ohm Resistor
  • Metal Alligator Clip


Cuff Assembly

Buckle:1.0W x 1.0L x 0.25H inches. Gray, Adjustable with positive lock, stainless steel back plate. Standard male 5/32″ snap (0.154 inch, 4mm); provides 360° performance. Patented, Easily adjusted buckle incorporating a positive fabric lock to eliminate slip and enhance skin contact. Non-sensitizing stainless steel back plate.
Fabric:0.85 inches wide. Grey, knit incorporating silver plated filament and elastic nylon. Insulative outer cuff surface, conductive inner cuff surface.
Size/Length:Nominal 6.5″ After stretching to 2x length and relaxing.
Adjustable:Easily adjustable to fit all personnel.
Control:Date coded and PROSTAT manufacturer’s logo embossed on all cuff assemblies
“M” series cuffs:Incorporate a 10mm male snap and insulated snap cover installed in the fabric approximately 1.5 inches from the cuff buckle. The 10mm snap is used to mount and ground the PROSTAT PFM-711A Field Meter and CPM-720A Charge Plate Monitor.

Cord Assembly

Cord:Heavy Duty, Lightweight construction of Single bundle, laced tensile conductors reinforced with synthetic fibers. Cord Diameter: 0.06″ Coil Diameter: 0.26″ Alligator clip supplied.
Resistor:One megohm (±10%) resistor molded into snap connection
Ground Connection:Standard banana plug
Warranty:Warranted for One Year against mechanical and electrical defects.
Cord Extension:Full extension greater than 13 feet; Working Length greater than 10 feet.
Tested:Provides over 100,000 bending cycles per EOS/ESD-S1.0-1987 procedures.