Dual Wire Continuous Resistance Monitor

$615.38 each

The Ohm Metrics CM2015* dual conductor workstation monitor continuously checks two (2) operators and two(2) worksurface ground connections. The unit has a normal voltage of 200mV when wearing a wrist strap and 900mV is the maximum (open wrist strap condition). The CM2015 packaged in a stainless steel case with remote jacks.

Utilizing very precise, low-voltage, resistive loop technology, the CM2015 is an extremely sensitive and Reliable ground monitoring instrument that uses the operator’s skin resistance to determine if the system is operating properly. Each monitor uses the WB2500 series dual wire wrist strap and coil cord although other compatible wrist strap sets may be substituted. Dual conductor wrist straps enable efficient, accurate resistance monitoring and grounding redundancy.


  • Monitors the ground integrity of two operators / two dual wire wrist bands and workstation mats.
  • Audible and visible alarms are triggered if the operator’s resistance exceeds 10 or 35 megohms (selectable at factory with default of 35 megohms)
  • Alarm Limits: Wrist strap low limit: 35 megohm
  • Wrist strap high limit: 1.8 megohm
  • Mat high limit: 3.5 megohm


Dimensions: 4” W x 3” D x 1” H
10.16 x 7.62 x 2.54 cm
WEIGHT6.8 oz
Power Supply120VAC—60hz, 9-15 Volts DC, 100-600 mA, 2.1mm center positive output
Unit monitoring capabilities2 wrist straps/persons + 2 mats
Performance Specifications
Maximum operator voltage
(alarm condition)
Typical operator voltage< 200mV
Maximum mat voltage
(alarm condition)
Typical mat voltage< 900mV
Maximum GND current100μA
Maximum GND voltage
(alarm condition)
Maximum GND voltage
(open circuit condition)
Alarm Limits
Wrist strap high limit35 megohm
Wrist strap low limit1.8 megohm
Mat high limit3.5 megohm
GND (tool) high limit10Ω
Temperature limitsEnvironmental Operating Conditions
50° F (10°C) to 122° F (50°C)
AdjustmentsNo field serviceable components; see periodic verification tools