Single Threshold Constant Wrist Strap Monitor

$76.92 each

The CM410 is designed to monitor the resistance of both the work surface and the operator. Continuously verifying the integrity of the ground system is critical to an effective ESD protection program. Using specialized impedance sensing technology, the CM400 series single wire wrist strap monitor continuously checks the total ground loop, including the operator, the wrist band, and the coil cord.


  • Alarm set point: Wrist Strap: 38 to 87pF (human body); with 1 megohm wrist strap resistance
  • Mat: 6.5 megohm


Performance Specifications
Wrist strap open circuit voltage 0.7 VDC, +0.1VDC @ < 2mA
Mat open circuit voltage 5.0—7.5 VDC
Alarm indicators Visual, audible (green: safe, red: unsafe)
Alarm set point
-Wrist strap
38 to 87pF (human body); with
1 megohm wrist strap resistance6.5 megohm
Unit monitoring capabilities One wrist strap + mat
Dimensions/Weight 1.00” H x 2.40” W x 2.30” D
(2.54 x 6.10 x 5.84 cm)
7.8 oz
Mounting Mounting materials included
Power Supply
Input 120VAC—60hz
Output 12VDC, 200mA
Audible Alarm 10 beeps (max); 5 seconds
Adjustment No adjustments required