Anti Static Polyimide Tape

Starting at: $15.75 each

1 Mil anti-static treated polyimide film with pressure sensitive 1.5 mil silicone adhesive. Withstands temperatures up to 500°F (260° C). Designed to minimize the effect of static during stripping and peeling. Offers optimal performance in electrical and thermal insulation. Mask for printed circuit boards. Highly resistant to heat and chemicals. Thin and highly conformable. Puncture and tear resistant at high temperatures.

TP-12253Polyimide Tape36 Yds.1/4″
TP-12254Polyimide Tape36 Yds.3/8″
TP-12255Polyimide Tape36 Yds.1/2″
TP-12256Polyimide Tape36 Yds.3/4″
TP-12257Polyimide Tape36 Yds.1″
TP-12258Polyimide Tape36 Yds.2″


Total Thickness2.5 mill
Backing Thickness1.0 mil
Adhesive Thickness1.5 mil
Backinganti-static polyimide film
Tensile Strength30 lbs./inch
Roll Length36yds
Temperature ResistanceUp to 300° C (short term) 572° F
Adhesive TypeSilicone
Static Charge @ 50% R.H 70°F in ESD Controlled Environment
Removal From Roll<50 volts
Dielectric Strength7,500 volts